Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE)


Unlike pesticides, which rely on hazardous poisons to chemically control insects, DE controls insects physically by scouring their exoskeleton through abrasive action. Skip the exterminator and control insects without using pesticides. Insects cannot become resistant to physical control, but they can to chemical.


What Is DE? DE is fossilized Aulacoseira diatoms created during the Miocene Epoch. Not all DE is the same, Safe Solutions DE Fossil Shell Flour® is special because their shells are made of amorphous silica – allowing it to be in its natural state and be much harder. This means DE will not dissolve when added to water solutions. These unique properties allow DE to be abrasive against insects, suffocating them, and also absorb moisture – aiding in drying insects out

Ingredients: Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth

Pure: Safe Solutions DE Fossil Shell Flour® is from freshwater sources, allowing for the fossilized diatoms to be stronger than saltwater DE, and harvested in their natural state

Feed-Additive: Food-grade DE is beneficial when added into both bird and animal feed and is Kosher. Mix at a rate of 2% of the total amount of feed

Non-Toxic Pest Control: Apply DE into cracks & crevices, around homes, or onto plants to repel & control pests. Use with a Pest Pistol Hand Pump Duster for easier application, always wear a mask to prevent inhalation

Long-Lasting: Combine DE into a TweetMint Enzyme Cleaner, TweetMint Plant Wash or Not Nice To Bugs solution to create a longer staying power once the solution dries

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × .5 × 11 in

1 lb. Jar, 3 lb. Jar


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